What Is The Wrap All About?
You know you have located a Wraps & Rolls kiosk when you see a disc of dough being flung mid air and grabbed with proficiency. It is repeated until the dough is made into a smooth round sphere. This is how wraps are freshly prepared and roasted on an upturned griddle. The dough consists of two varieties.

One is kneaded with wheat flour and the other with multi grained flour. Both these flours provide numerous health benefits as compared to refined white flour. The covering made of roasted wheat or multi grain flour is so thin and soft that it almost resembles a handkerchief. This is referred to as “Hand Made Bread.” Another variety of wrap available is called Lachcha Paratha. This is a thicker and layered variety of wrap also made of whole wheat flour.

What Does The Wrap Contain?
The wrap is made to order. You can add whatever your heart desires and the attendant adds it in your Hand Made Bread. There twenty-four variations and counting in vegetarian variety and twenty-six combinations for meat lovers. These recipes are delightful and can be eaten at any given time of the day. Mini wraps as the names suggests are comparatively smaller in size and are prepared with different flavours and combinations and are not the same as those in larger size.

What Is On The Menu Besides Wraps?
Wraps and Rolls are the specialty of the house but they take great pride in serving appetizers like potato fries in three different flavours. There are assorted platters of barbequed meat, cottage cheese and vegetables available that are served with tangy chutneys and sauces. Wraps & Rolls are not restricted to only kiosks but they can go wherever you want them to.